Kenya - Socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on refugees - Panel Study

This dataset is part of COVID-19 Pandemic
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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset May 14, 2020-July 07, 2020
Updated 28 February 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All persons of concern for UNHCR
Sampling Procedure: Individuals (18 years and above) with active phone numbers were randomly selected from UNHCR database for each of the four camp sites - Kakuma, Kalobeyei, Dadaab and Urban. For Shona, we took the sample from the Socioeconomic Assessment survey. Due to the smaller sample size of the Shona population (782), we use everybody in the sample. Those selected individuals from each site were sent an SMS, stating that they have been randomly selected to participate in a socio-economic impact of COVID-19 survey.
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview [cati]

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